8 Week Intro Course
Build Your NewRetirement Plan

This financial planning course helps you explore the fundamentals of saving, spending, investing, and protecting your money as you increase your financial literacy, learn more about planning and how to use our Planner.

Next live session begins January 10, 2024

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What is in this course?

  • Lesson 1: Welcome, introduction, and values
  • Lesson 2: Today’s Assets; savings and other assets, savings priorities and contributions
  • Lesson 3: Today’s Assets; home and real estate, debts
  • Lesson 4: Today’s Income; secure, variable, and excess income
  • Lesson 5: Today’s Expenses; recurring, one time, home and real estate, and healthcare expenses
  • Lesson 6: Tomorrow’s Expenses; life’s phases, recurring, home and real estate, Medicare, and long term care expenses
  • Lesson 7: Tomorrow’s Income; Social Security, pensions, annuities, RMDs, savings drawdowns, and retirement paycheck
  • Lesson 8: See where you stand, learn what else is possible, and take action
  • Office Hours: Exclusive live question & answer sessions for course registrants are offered the first Thursday of every month at 1:00 and 7:00 PM (EST)

Each of our 8 lessons will be pre-recorded and available online. In addition, you will have access to online worksheets and materials that deepen your understanding of each lesson.

Build Your NewRetirement Plan Live Event Schedule

Live Lessons: Weekly sessions at 7 pm EST 

  • Wednesday, 1/10/24
  • Wednesday, 2/7/24
  • Wednesday, 1/17/24
  • Wednesday, 2/14/24
  • Wednesday, 1/24/24
  • Wednesday, 2/21/24
  • Wednesday, 1/31/24
  • Wednesday, 2/28/24
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Build Your NewRetirement Plan 

The Build Your NewRetirement Plan Course is a 8-week live course included with your PlannerPlus membership. Live classes are offered quarterly and all of the course material is available any time. 
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NEwREtirement academy Membership

Total Course Access

Thematic Classes empower you to take your plan to the next level as you learn about important concepts such as tax planning, portfolio and asset allocation strategies, building your income plan, and more. 
Live Classes and Q&A Events
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Course reviews

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These sessions are helpful as overviews of financial and retirement planning. Even more importantly, they’re an excellent way to learn about both the features and the limitations of the model.
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Build Your NewRetirement Plan Participant
Meet the instructor

Nancy Gates

Nancy joined the NewRetirement team in 2021 after a 30 year career as a Spanish teacher and World Language Department leader. She has a passion for communication, educating and empowering others, and personal finance. Nancy’s goal is to educate and support the NewRetirement community and others in building financial literacy and improving their financial wellness. You may meet her during Classes, Office Hours, or Live Plan Review Sessions.
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